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The Power of Learning

Post from Thursday, May 28, 2020

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding”

Leonardo da Vinci

Lifelong learning unlocks countless valuable benefits. Whether you need new skills for a job, are seeking a new hobby, or you’re just brushing up on an old skill, challenging yourself to learn new things keeps you creative, capable, and curious.

Learning can be a vulnerable process, especially during the first step: Acknowledging that there is room for growth. But expanding your comfort zone makes it easier to adapt to changes, helping you feel more confident and prepared to take on new challenges. Creative learning strengthens your innovation and problem-solving skills, which improve your ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated things. And building on existing knowledge can save you stress, time, and energy.

Learning will make you a more interesting person! People who are well-rounded tend to have an easier time relating to others and sparking social engagement because they ask more questions and listen carefully. This can open the door for even more opportunities and new experiences.

The more we appreciate learning, the more we realize how many experiences are still out there. Learning gives us a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to try new things. On that note, we hope you enjoy this week’s top picks that are centered around arts and learning!

In the coming weeks, we will continue to be a source of hope, inspiration, and moral support. For more information about our mission, visit our website, or contact us at Until next week!


The SWCA Team

And now for this week’s top picks…

ARTS | Virtual Art Classes Online

The Schack Art Center (Everett, WA) is offering new courses online! From drawing, to fabric painting, to Lightroom essentials, students can learn new concepts in art while still at home.

Take an Online Art Class

MUSIC | Free Music Broadcasts

The musicians from the Seattle Symphony have generously volunteered to share free broadcasts for streaming through the Symphony’s social media channels. Stay tuned to hang out with musicians during live streams!

Seattle Symphony Broadcast

THEATRE | Acting & Playwriting Online

Explore nine online acting and playwriting courses offered for free from three top universities: MIT, Utah State University, and The Open University.

Explore Available Courses

DANCE | Virtual Dance Programs

Merce Cunningham Trust’s abundance of digital content could keep you busy for weeks. Check out “Mondays with Merce” on their YouTube channel and enjoy full-length recordings of 13 Cunningham works on their website!

Access the Merce Cunningham Dance Capsules

HEALTH & WELLNESS | Mindfulness & Meditation from Headspace

Looking to add meditation and mindfulness exercises into your daily routine? From breathing technique to visualization exercises, Headspace offers the essentials of mindful awareness for free.

Learn More about Headspace

YOUTH & FAMILY | Scholastic’s Learn at Home Program

Keep your kids reading, thinking, and growing all summer and beyond! Sign up for information about free teaching resources on Scholastic’s wesite today.

Explore the Learn at Home Program

CULINARY ARTS | Quarantine Baking

Cookbook author Joanna Gaines is taking her baking smarts to YouTube to whip up some treats, including chocolate chip cookies, pie, and homemadebreads.

Start Baking Today

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