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Artistic Inspiration

Friends and Artists,

This week’s challenge to you is simple: Get inspired! Whether you’re working in a creative field or you just love new arts experiences, there is inspiration for everyone.

All too often, making time for creative outlets may not sit high among our priority list, especially in times of uncertainty. And even when you do find the time and space to create, you may feel a lack of motivation to get started. Getting inspired isn’t difficult, but sometimes we just need a little push. To get you on the right path, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that can help you find inspiration today:

  1. Create every day. Setting aside time for creativity every day will form a constructive habit. Before you know it, you’ll be able to create even when you don’t feel inspired.
  2. Make a list. Not everyone is a writer or journaler, but writing down a list of ideas (things that made me happy today, things I’m grateful for, etc.) serve as great creative prompts for future projects.
  3. Your creative workspace is reserved solely for creating. The functionality of your workspace has a huge impact on how you function as an artist. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.
  4. Make mistakes. The fear of making mistakes can prevent us from finding inspiration. But part of being inspired is working through that fear and taking risks. Once you embrace mistakes, you will internalize that there’s more than one way to express creativity!
  5. Make time for play and experimentation. When you stretch your creative process beyond your comfort zone, you’ll realize the possibilities are endless.
  6. Don’t always rely on the internet. Look around you when motivation is lacking. Check in with your senses, your thoughts, your surroundings, and your experiences.
  7. Be inspired by what you love. By starting with something you already enjoy, this will likely influence your ability to find inspiration easily!
  8. Copy yourself. When you can’t find something new, bold, or innovative, there’s no shame in recycling a good idea. Sometime a familiar technique or concept can spark new ideas altogether. 
  9. Don’t over-analyze your work. Whether you’re working on a painting, a poem, or a song from the heart, let creative juices flow and work intuitively.
  10. Find inspiration in nature. Seeking beauty in the world around us can reveal a sense of inner-peace that only art can reflect.

So the next time you hit a wall seeking inspiration, we hope that you can take one (or some) of these ideas and run with it! In the coming weeks, we will continue to be a source of hope, inspiration, and moral support. For more information about our mission, visit our website, or contact us at Let the inspiration flow!


The SWCA Team

And now for this week’s top picks…

ARTS | Covid-19 Relief for Artists

All artists currently living in Clark County who also participated in Artstra’s Clark County Open Studio Tour in any of the past seven years are eligible to apply for $500 in relief due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Applications accepted through August 15, 2020.

Learn More And Apply Here

MUSIC | Meet 10 Portland Artists

Read about how local musicians in Portland have contributed to the conversation against racism. From buying out an entire food cart to provide free meals for Black Portlanders, to engaging audiences with critical dialogue, artists are using their gifts for social change.

Read More

THEATRE | Show Choir Virtual Camp

There’s still time to sign up for Metropolitan Performing Arts’ Show Choir Intensive this summer! Designed for youth ages 6-18, this camp combines music rehearsals, vocal coaching and choreography, topped with a live-streamed virtual performance.

Register for Show Choir

DANCE | On-Demand Summer Camps

Columbia Dance is excited to announce its ON-DAMAND summer camps for kids ages 3-7! You pick the days, times, and up to five of your favorite kids to join our Superhero Training Camp in a safe, active, and fun-filled environment. We will adventure together with dance and exercise, learning how to be the best superheroes we can be!

Schedule a Camp

CULINARY ARTS | Free Online Baking Course

Yuppiechef presents “The Art of Baking,” a course that you can complete at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. In just 6 lessons you’ll learn all about key baking subjects such as cake, home-made breads, and pastries. Sign up and start baking today!

The Art of Baking

YOUTH & FAMILY | Digital Art for Kids

From digital patterns and coloring to creative digital backgrounds, today you can explore this list of four websites where your child can learn how to experiment with digital art in new ways. There are many templates to choose from!

Create Digital Art

SUMMER FUN!| A Summer Like No Other

Vancouver Parks and Recreation is committed to providing fun and safe summer experiences at their newly modified day camps! Campers ages 6-11 can register for camp sessions at Firstenburg and Marshall Community Centers. Camp themes include Under the Sea, Deserts, Farm Life, Dinosaurs, Space, and more!

Save Your Spot at a Day Camp!

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