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Telling Our Story

Our organization is committed to setting the stage for a future where the arts are always growing and thriving in Southwest Washington. Follow our blog to learn more about how our vibrant community is answering Vancouver’s call for culture. 

Laying Foundations

Friends and Artists, Much like today’s forecast, the future for the arts is looking bright with hopeful days ahead. As we collectively navigate our way

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Brighter Days Ahead

Friends and Artists, With January behind us, the world is looking ahead to days of rebuilding and revitalization. This past year has revealed an inner

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A Happy New Year!

Friends and Artists, We’ve made it to the home stretch of 2020! Though this year has brought unprecedented challenges, we have risen above and pushed

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A Year of Reflection

Friends and Artists, This has been a time of resilience, growth, and transformation. Today we’re reflecting back on some of our highlights from 2020. Early

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A Word of Thanks

Friends and Artists, As we kick off the holiday season, we are reflecting on all those things for which we are thankful; the overall health and

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Let’s Amplify the Arts!

Friends and Artists, This year we are excited to announce our participation in Southwest Washington’s day of giving, Give More 24! This will be a special opportunity

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A Time for Reflection

Friends and Artists, It’s not too late to share your story! We’ve shared our commitment to building community through the arts, but we can’t do

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Voices of the Community

Friends and Artists, We’ve shared our commitment to building community through the arts, but we can’t do it without you! We’re opening the floor to

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Artistic Inspiration

Friends and Artists, This week’s challenge to you is simple: Get inspired! Whether you’re working in a creative field or you just love new arts

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How Art Reflects Culture

Post from Thursday, June 4, 2020 Friends and Artists, This week we’ll be exploring how art reflects the deeper issues and feelings that historical records

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The Power of Learning

Post from Thursday, May 28, 2020 “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding” Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong learning unlocks countless valuable benefits. Whether you

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Helping Small Businesses

Post from Thursday, May 21, 2020 Friends and Artists, This week we’re turning the spotlight on the small small businesses that keep our communities vibrant

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