The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

Vancouver and its surroundings are on a roll. Investment is flowing into new housing, new schools, and neighborhood revitalization. But one thing is lagging: support for the creative sector, including arts organizations. While arts-related growth statewide is twice the national average, Vancouver’s Creative Vitality Index (a rating of a region’s creative economy) is nearly 20% below the national average. The arts have a major impact on a community in terms of quality of life, job creation and revenues. Vancouver is the fourth-largest city in the state and the only one that lacks a dedicated center for the arts.

The Arts Bring Culture, Social & Economic Vitality

People of all ages desire to access a dynamic lifestyle with restaurants, retail, and entertainment nearby. Studies have shown the timing for a contemporary Center is now. The creative spirit of the region continues to excel alongside the dynamic growth in business and residents in Southwest Washington. Congested freeways and limited parking encourage residents to stay local and seek out new experiences in the area. A Center will cultivate economic vitality by providing a much-needed destination for the residents and visitors to gather, experience, and shop.

Visitors & Tourists

A prominent destination drives local sales and stimulates the economy as an export industry.

Residents & Business

Cultural experiences draw new audiences, especially high-skilled residents and workers.

New Investment

By enriching the cultural identity of the community, people feel more confident to invest in the arts.